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BTS MECHANICS a new division of BTS Srl

During 2011 the management of BTS Srl created a new division, completely independent, denominated BTS Mechanics. This new division takes care of packaging machines’ marketing and sales.

The first partnership has been finalized with the sister company Sotemapack Srl, a well-known company producing packaging machines since more than 45 years and being part of the same holding group Ischia.

This new cooperation followed the start up in Sotemapack Srl of a brand new business division dedicated to the development of high speed overwrappers and called Sealpack Hi Speed Confectionary Division.

BTS Mech manages the marketing and sales of Sealpack Division. The first high speed machine WR1 has been launched in July 2012 and can been seen in the web section dedicated to Sealpack.

Furthermore, thanks to the long experience of its managers in the tobacco field, BTS Mech cooperates with Far East companies for the supply of refurbished or reconditioned lines for the production of cigarettes and filter rods.

BTS Mech supplies complete lines that integrate with the high speed overwrapper from Seaplack Division.